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The Benefits of Using NAIC and SIC Codes

The Benefits of Using NAICS and SIC Codes

The Benefits of Using NAICS and SIC Codes

NAICS is a Self-Assigned System; no one assigns you a NAICS Code. What this means is a company selects the code that best depicts their primary business activity, and then uses it when asked for their code. If your Business Activities include more than one Unique Line of Business, you may want to use more than one NAICS Code. Companies also rely on the NAICS code to classify their own customers by industry. Many Target their Marketing Efforts to Businesses within a particular NAICS Code. NAICS Codes allow them to focus their Targeted Marketing Efforts on companies in similar or identical Industries. By Acquiring NAICS Information, one can gain a better understanding of their best customers, and the industries that might best benefit from their products and services. The potential benefits of using NAICS codes are a.o. in obtaining Federal Contracts, Incentive Programs, Lending Services, Tax Benefits,  Insurance Benefits

What are the benefits of having a NAICS code?

Most important is that purchasing agents, agencies, and other website information users can see from your NAICS and SIC code what your company services and capabilities are, and thus directly comparable with other companies. Many agencies use NAICS codes to determine eligibility for grant or incentive programs and for most federal contracts. Further, NAICS codes are often used by commercial lending agencies when considering business loans. Manufacturers.Directory allows you to list your business using both NAICS and SIC Codes. Businesses, procurement services, and agencies can view your company’s capabilities and include your business in tender programs and incentive programs. List your business here, and view APEX Manufacturing Services NAICS Codes here.

NAICS Codes versus SIC Codes or NAICS SIC Codes Crosswalk

When you want to look up certain NAICS Codes and or SIC Codes, click here. In the new view press Ctrl and F. Type in the search box a NAICS or a SIC code or a sentence like “Manufacture”, “Oil” or other texts that your business activities may include for and write down the appropriate NAICS or SIC codes that you found and use these for your business listing. Read More About NAICS and SIC Codes, in our Wiki.

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